Thursday, April 21, 2011

Signs of Grace

So what do you say when you have been away too long? How do you open a paragraph? I think most of us never have intentions of blogging so infrequently, but life takes over -- boy, does it ever!

But this Maundy Thursday finds me back here with you folks, hopefully to offer you words of hope and signs of grace.

I still cover! I'm stubborn about it, times frustrated (or angry even) at a (Christian) culture that doesn't even hiccup at a Christian woman in too tight jeans and sexy boots, but is troubled by a woman who covers voluntarily, out of virtue or obedience or something else noble. But there have certainly been those times when I have said, before leaving the house, "Do I really need this?" Admittedly, there have been the rare occasions that I have gone out alone without my head covered at all, but this is not typically my practice. I think of the good in it, and how much I would like to preserve that good even though I have come to feel that it is my choice...a choice of grace for me that I want to embrace.

Despite my infrequent postings, I hope that you, beloved, are doing well and are thirsting more and more for purity and virtue and that you are awaiting with great hope, Christ's resurrection. May the light of your hope never be dimmed and may you hold fast to your conviction to cover, even if other women cease their covering. I have been covering faithfully for two and a half years; I have pressed on, often without the approval of others, and you must do the same.

Though I do precious little to promote the head covering book, it continues to sell consistently each month, which is almost astonishing, except when I think that surely God had a good purpose in my writing it. It clearly has ministered to a number of women, and I am so humbled by knowledge of this. From my sales reports, I see that most people are buying the book from Amazon, and the book's value continues to spread by word of mouth, apparently. I even had an older man, married for twenty something years, email me to tell me how much he enjoyed the book. He had hoped that his wife would take to head covering, as he deemed it of great worth, but it wasn't something that she felt was important, and he still loved and respected her all the same. These emails from strangers do much to encourage me and keep me praying for each of you. This is a book I could not have written without your support and your stories. God bless you all!

May the spirit of Easter warm your hearts and draw you nearer to our holy Redeemer!