Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes, I Still Cover!

Beloved dear ones! I am still alive and doing well on this end. It seems odd that I have taken such a leave of blogging; I'd been blogging since November of 2004...fairly consistently, too. But a reshuffling of priorities and responsibilities led me away from blogging for a while. I am not certain that I will return to blogging, but I did feel led to pop in to encourage my dear (dear!) head covering sisters.

I have been encouraged through correspondence with one of the ladies I interviewed for the covering book. She is a dear woman and we enjoy sending each other notes in the mail. I even went to visit an African-American head covering plain woman who lives close to my hometown. It was our first meeting. She started teaching me to knit, and I have grown to love it. I'm now learning to crochet, and think I might love it even more! A friend of mine who has crocheted for many years is planning to make me a couple of head coverings...I am eager for a change!

My one frustration (if you can call it that) is that I still struggle with how to wear my covering. I still do the wrap quite often, and have fiddled a little with a couple of other styles, but nothing else feels quite as comfortable as the head wraps. I am hoping my crocheted coverings will be a bit of a stylish change.

I still cover at home, but I will wear my hair "out" at times. It's growing longer and I really like it a lot. I'm always covered, though, if I am out in public without hubby. Not much has changed there.

How is your covering journey coming along, beloved? Does the act itself still remind you of your devotion to Christ and of natural order? Admittedly, there are many days I just put the cover on, and don't always think on the meaning, as I should. Do people still ask you why you cover, or treat you more respectfully because you do? An acquaintence from church asked me to speak to his wife about head covering. He really liked my covering (the head wrap style...different from how I'm wearing it on my profile pic), and wanted me to encourage his wife to cover the same way. I thought that was a conversation best had between the man and his wife. I really like his wife (very much), and I didn't feel led of God to speak to her on it, but I told her husband I'd be happy to encourage her on it after he talked to her about it and if she willing. He spoke with her and she was not doing cartwheels about the whole idea. Aggression is not the spirit of covering, remember? We're not trying to bang folks over the head with our head covering gospel! But I am certainly willing to encourage and walk alongside the woman who is curious about covering or feels led herself to cover. Have you had any new head covering experiences? I've had women come up to me in the grocery store, or in church, and ask about how I wrap my cloth. I've been known to take the whole thing off and give them a quick tutorial by wrapping it all over again! One woman told me that she had a friend who could wrap anything -- who could wrap a bed sheet and make it look good! Funny, right? I spoke with a couple of Muslim women at the grocery store and asked them where they get their hijab coverings. Come to find out, there is a little section of a middle-eastern grocery store, a short drive from my house, where I can find beautiful fabric and certain styles (a bit over-priced, plus the woman who waited on me spoke virtually no English...she could barely understand me and I could barely understand her). I bought a couple of items.

Hubby is now much more comfortable with my covering, and even made mention of yesterday's covering, which was a combo of some cloth I got at the aforementioned store and a covering I ordered from online. I think he liked it. I take the boys to the library quite often and we even checked out some children's books about girls and women who cover. We look at the pictures in the book I can say, "Look, boys. She wears a covering like Mama." But the boys LOVE when I wash my hair and wear it down. "Mama, your hair looks nice!" they say. And that's worth a million bucks.

My encouragment to you is to know the reasons that you cover. And once you do, beware the spirit of compromise. I'd mentioned this in another post some time ago. Your covering may make a lot of people uncomfortable, and sometimes it's not the easiest thing to do. But if you feel led of God to cover, then cover. And keep covering until God tells you otherwise.

Has your Lenten season been meaningful thus far, beloved? I trust you are drawing closer to God. Enjoy your spring, beloved. It's glorious!