Monday, November 30, 2009

The Big Cover Up

Here's a photo of me and the boys on Thanksgiving (how was yours, beloved?). I am usually covered, but was uncovered in this photo (remember hubby prefers me uncovered, though I think he's gotten quite accustomed to seeing my hair covered, and probably doesn't even mind my covering on most occasions, but I digress...); it occurred to me that the more my hair grows (it has grown lots since last winter) and the healthier and lovelier it becomes, the more aware I am of why I cover and why I need to cover.

During the times I am out with hubby and I am uncovered, my hair gets lots of attention. Lots. It moves. It bounces. After I wash it and do it, the boys like to see me run in place because they like to see my hair move and bounce (they are so sweet and always make me feel pretty). But yes, this is it, beloved: an uncovered head brings glory to me...I get all the attention. A covered head brings glory to God; He gets the glory for all the good in my life -- goodness that can be seen in the fruitful efforts of my life; my role as a wife and mother, and all the other hats I wear each day. My beauty becomes about something more, something greater, as well it should be. Physical beauty is fleeting, though I still find I have vanity issues to work through.

Our Thanksgiving was rich and full, and I trust yours was as well. I am learning to knit (thanks, Dianna!), and I'm really enjoying it. In my quieter moments I try to write and sort through my thoughts. I am in dire need of slowing down, and (long hand) letter writing and knitting help to remind me of this need. The boys don't slow down, but now that the weather is getting colder outside, they need direction in order to stay busy at home. We don't watch television through the week and both the boys and I are used to this routine. The holiday had me busy in the kitchen, and I got away from working with them on their letters and numbers and all that stuff. I am trying to redirect this week before things get busy again for Christmas. The boys are getting so big so fast. Our youngest outweighs our oldest, even though our oldest is taller. Such sweet boys they are.

I need to be getting to bed; I hope your week is off to a good start, beloved.



ineptseamstress said...

Your kids are right your hair is very pretty. :)
But I understand what you mean. (that isn't the reason I cover - good thing or covering would be difficult :D ) I know a teenager who wears her hair in a doubled-up ponytail because she thinks it is too distracting. (she wore it down for a skit once, and then people were bugging her to wear it down all the time.)
I have to wonder how many times you get this question.
"your hair is too pretty to cover." or "it's to pretty to hide." etc etc etc It must get really annoying because people don't/won't understand.

M.B. McClendon said...

ineptseamstress(I chuckle at your name because I think that I am the ineptseamstress...I got so frustrated with sewing last night!),

Yes, exactly; sounds like you really understand. It's funny, but I didn't get this until hair was so short last year, it wasn't very 'attention-grabbing'. But this year, I get the idea. I plan to continue growing my hair, and I think that lesson will become more and more ingrained within me. Certainly this isn't the reason that I cover either, but it certainly reinforces spiritual truth. God is good!


Rosheeda said...

i love your insights. seriously. i've so missed u! glad u popped back in. (not that i can say all that much, seeing as how i post once every blue moon these days).

and your hair is beautiful. healthy and shiny.

M.B. McClendon said...

I have to admit, I do miss blogging. I've even posted on T&T (as you know)...miss those days that were simpler, but I'm happy when I can pop in and blog a bit; even when it's not as often as it used to be.

The hair thing is crazy. Not only does my hair appear to be getting lighter in color (it's lighter than I've ever known it to be), but it's also changing in texture. I used to go through SO much trouble trying to be 'natural'...and all the stuff I used in my hair! It took me so long to do my 'natural' hair. But I've realized this is the new normal for me. My hair is naturally straight with a little bit of wave. It takes me one hour to do it from start to finish; no more perm, and no oils, creams, gels, etc. Just shampoo and conditioner.

I think my whole body is changing with is healthy, but my weight! Skin is good, but my weight! Hubby now calls me his "SPT" (Sweet Pudgy Thing); it's gotta be age, as I don't do anything differently really!

I miss you too! Even if I only blog every now and then, it's always good to see you.


Rosheeda said...

LOL i'm so over the hair thing. most weeks i wash, condition, twist w/some grease and go on about my business. too much work otherwise...

there are seasons for everything;i'm finally accepting that the only 'normal' thing i should ever expect in this life is change... for real...

cutie said...
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午餐 said...
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misschatterbox said...

"an uncovered head brings glory to me...I get all the attention. A covered head brings glory to God"

I love how you said that! That said, lately (as in the last couple of days) I have been thinking about not covering anymore.. I am just thinking about what it means.. I was thinking about my dress/make-up.. I am a lover of heels, and I just started to go with the whole classic red lipstick! And I am jus wondering if choosing my outfit (these days a more 1940s/1950s look), adding accessories and doing my make-up (which is generally subtle) and then wearing a head covering isn't perhaps mixed 'levels' of modesty?

Also with journalism jobs I am struggling to figure out how to cover.. so far it's been fine - but once I start full time it's gonna be hard..Headwraps, bandanas and Israeli-style scarves which are comfy look very casual, as do beanies or hats - I find the only style that looks profession is hijab.While I am happy wearing hijab privately it can alientae me from people I am interviewing.. as a journalist I need people to be at ease with me, and to be able to feel I am 'one of them.' In a 10 minute interview I dont have time to break down barriers, dispell misconceptions and overcome prejudice- plus I don't want the focus to be on me!
Basically as a student, at home or socially head covering isn't an issue.. but professionally it is hard. Also swimming is hard?! I love the beach? and head-covering is not working to well when I am swimming!
I am wondering all up, if I am just clinging to head covering as something I am used to, and would be uncomfortable giving up.. I am considering when I start full-time work just covering socially and in my own time? it would be weird at first.. but then covering shouldn't be a heavy burden.. this is treading dangerous waters as we move toward placing ourelves under the yoke of law. it shouldn't be disruptive to my career, or life.
Hmm I'm not sure.. any thoughts? Lol sorry for the long comment- maybe I should post this on my blog! lol

M.B. McClendon said...

Miss Chatterbox,
Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, and for sharing your heart regarding covering. I am learning that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to covering. Covering is a grace...a gift...I don't think it's to be a burdensome command, particularly when we choose it, having felt led of God to do it. I know there are many schools of thought here; some think it an absolute command that should be followed to the letter of the law.

For me, covering is primarily for prayer. Since I pray off and on all day, I am usually covered. But there are other times when I want to let my hair "out" (these times are always at home, though; if I am out in public without my husband my head is always covered)...during such times, I usually keep a cover of some sort close at hand, in case I start praying while I'm washing the dishes or whatever.

That being said, and certainly not wanting to encumber you, I do think that heels, red lipstick and other makeup may be having mixed levels of modesty. Let me say first that a) I do like that 40s/50s look myself b) I understand that with your profession you have to consider covering in different terms, say, than a stay at home mom like myself and c) I think covering is less about what we do and don't wear and more about the condition of one’s heart. Why do you wear what you wear? Who is getting the glory when you wear what you or God? Does your dress and attire help others to think more about holy things or more about worldly things? There are endless questions you can ask yourself, dear heart, and only you can answer those questions. You were the one who chose to cover; no one made you do it. You have to be the one who chooses the conditions under which you'll cover -- all in an attempt to please God. Yes, you have a job in a secular profession where you can shine for Christ...pray for wisdom and choose wisely. Take care that you are not rationalizing away all of the important reasons you have chosen to cover. Hold to them unswervingly and beware the spirit of compromise. All the best to you, dear heart!

Joanna said...

How are you? I've come back after a good break. Glad to hear how things are going and see you being faithful with your head covering.God bless you!

微笑每一天 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩