Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book Update

Hello, dear ones...hope all is well with you this summer, beloved, and that you all are walking in
God's rich grace and deep, abiding love.

Many of you know that the book is finished (it has been for a couple of months now); I am actively pursuing publishing still. I was previously not a big fan of self-publishing; I think perhaps I thought it less 'legitimate', but now that I have begun to educate myself about self-publishing, I am finding out how little I really knew.

I still have so much confidence in this book...and I'm equally as confident that there are women out there (like you and me) who could benefit from its content -- particularly women who are curious about head covering or who are feeling led to cover, but are hesitant or otherwise uncomfortable with the idea of covering. We know full well how challenging a journey this can be when we feel it's a journey we must make alone.

So stay tuned. I have taken a break from blogging, but have not taken a break from actively working to get this book published. I hope to have more updates soon, so please check back.

Do enjoy the remainder of your summer, beloved. It is fleeting...

With Love,


Mzungu Habibti said...

Will do! :-D Is funny I found your blog after you went on break & am looking forward to your return.

Muhala Akamau said...

You are a gem...thank you for your kind thoughtfulness. Wish I'd met you sooner too!

Mzungu Habibti said...

Thanks for the nice comments... I really forgot I signed in under this name instead of my other when I commented lol. Had to look to see why your name sounded familiar (is saved on the other blog)

Rebecca Parker said...

Dear Muhala,
If you self-publish, put me on the list to purchase your book! My sister is a writer and I know it's very difficult to get your first book published. I believe the internet might actually make self-publishing a more viable option.