Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big, Long Skirt

This skirt was almost bigger than me. But that's okay, because it did the job. I felt so great in this skirt. It gave me such great coverage, and I got some unexpected compliments, too, which was pretty surprising, as it's probably not likely to win any 'cute' awards. Still, it's practical, functional and best of all comfortable! Moreover, I loved the way it draped behind me when I descended a flight of stairs; I felt like such a girl. :-]


Anonymous said...

this skirt is great and you look like a I cannot find something like that... now when I am pregnant it is even harder to find decent skirt... I wear jeans all the time 'cause all skirt for pregnant women barely touch knees...

Ahavah said...

Fabulous skirt, and you look very pretty in it too.

Never been a fan of trousers myself - I am just not the right shape plus they are tight on the tummy.

Sanil Atarah Rivka said...

It looks very pretty and comfortable.

Rosheeda said...

how gorgeous! Those are precisely the skirts I've gotten into. I have a yellow one tht comes to my ankles and this really pretty fluffy white one. TOOO CUTE!

Muhala Akamau said...

Thank you! I love feeling like a girl. :-] I do hope you can find the long skirts in an area close to you soon. I am more than willing to help from this end, if I can (for more on that, I sent you an email).

Thank you! Yes, you are right...trousers can be tight on the tummy. Seems like the older I get, the more important comfort becomes. When I was younger, I wanted mainly to be 'cute'. Now, I don't care as much. What freedom!

Thank you! Comfort is the name of the game. If it's reasonably cute, that's icing. :-]

Let's swap! I'd LOVE to find an ankle-length fluffy white can I be down?! :-]


Rosheeda said...

M - Email me your size and i'll see if i can find u one. If i do i'll send it to you!

Summery skirts r just the most feminine things!

Muhala Akamau said...

Okay, will do!

Momma Jo said...

I love it! Reminds me very much of the skirt I posted a photo of sometime back
I know exactly what you mean about how it flows when you go down the steps!
It's fun to be feminine.
Joanna "MommaJo"

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, where did you find the skirt? Or did you make it? I have so much trouble finding skirts or dresses that are modest at all. I think it is super cute!

Muhala Akamau said...

The skirt is from a woman I've never met! A friend of my neighbor has been clearing items out of her closet and asked if my neigbhor knows anyone her size; my neighbor told her my size and so I get bags of clothes from her here and there. Not everything is nice, but a lot of the stuff is good quality. Would you like me to keep an eye out for you? We have a fine thrift store in our area that often carries such things. If you email me your size, I'll keep my eyes peeled.


miss mary said...

wow I love that skirt. I would love that. It's beautiful. also I love your blog and all your posts. Its a great blog and I'm so glad I found it. Big Hugs and God Bless

Muhala Akamau said...

Thanks, Miss Mary ~ big hugs to you, too!