Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Around the House

This was today's lunch. Yum. But let's keep it real: it is not cheap to make a salad with colorful greens, raw vegetables and fruit, seeds and a salad dressing that's as delicious as it is healthy. It feels good putting good things into our bodies, but why must it cost so much? Wait, don't answer that. I think I already know. Still, I wish it were less expensive to make better choices. Ashunoah's grandfather found out yesterday that he has a malignant growth on his colon. Surgery is planned soon to remove it. Last week, we buried Ashunoah's dear aunt who lost her battle with breast cancer at only 55 years of age. This is all so tragic. I can't help but wonder if our dietary choices have anything to do with our constant health maladies.
The whole back and side of our house has been dug up. What a mess! But we intend to put all that dirt back once we remedy the problem and there's no longer water leaking into our basement. Hubby, his cousin and his dad spent most of this past weekend working on this project. The boys wanted to help, of course, but can only do so much. It's been raining a lot, too, and this doesn't help matters any!

I love my guys!!


Coveredwithjoy said...

One way to eat better without as much cost (money wise) is to plant some of this yourself. ;) Last summer it was wonderful to hop out to the garden and have most of the things available for a fresh salad.

Ugh, a leaky basement. Dealt with that growing up, that's where my bedroom was for several years. Dealing with it again with a house built sometime after the Civil War with the "new" addition in 1904. :P We just don't keep much of value down there but the freezer and storage cabinets are on bricks.

Muhala Akamau said...

A veggie garden --- what a great idea! I've got to do some serious planning with regard to that. My mother-in-law has suggested this for years. It may be a little work, but at this point, it's a very healthful and practical thing to do. Thanks for this gentle nudge, dear one.

Coveredwithjoy said...

I am very much a novice. If you dig on my It's Not Poetry site, you will find pictures of what happened to my garden last year. The Lord was gracious to allow some of it to yet flourish.
Just starting out, a good idea may be to get some of those veggies that are started already. Broccoli and tomatoes are what I buy. Broccoli has such a long growing cycle that they need to be started a month or so in the house. Lettuce is a great cool weather crop. I started mine late last year (late May), but still had a good amount. When you cut off lettuce always leave a little and more will grow back. This is for the leaf varieties, I've not tried Iceburg or any like that.
I do not know what zone you are in, but do some asking at your local nurseries. They are so very helpful.

Rosheeda said...

Dude! These last two posts... are you reading my mind?! The skirts and what-not. The veggies (raw ones at that) and stuff. U are in my head!

Muhala Akamau said...

Girl, you know we are often EYE to EYE on a whole lotta stuff! And as my hubby often says, "This ain't nothin' new, baby!!" :-)