Friday, March 6, 2009

Fifteen Years and a Blogging Break

Ashunoah and I had a lovely evening last night celebrating 15 years of marriage (and also my 40th birthday)...what joy! The boys hung out with some of our friends from church, and they had lots of fun; I don't think they were quite ready for us to return for them!

We have been taking a photo of ourselves on our anniversary each year, but unfortunately we didn't think to do this from year one. We've only been doing it since year 6 or 8 or something like that. Anyway, it's nice to see how we grow and change. After all these years now, I can't imagine being with anyone else!

Blogging Break

I will be taking a blogging break for a while. Of course, I love blogging and connecting with you, my dear sisters. But I need to focus: I'm feeling God is calling me to more spiritual reading and study; indeed, these are the ways I grow and develop. I can always feel when I'm beginning to get hungry for connecting with the Lord more deeply through spiritual reading and study, and I am about at that point! Moreover, I am giving a talk to a group of college students next month, and I need to be diligent and begin to prepare for that. Lastly, I need to free up some time to get more focused on the head covering book. The more women who email me, the more excited I become, and the more I see how necessary and timely this book really is. Please know I'm only an email away. If you are still interested in sharing a bit of your headcovering story for the book, please email me! During the next few weeks, I'll be sending the proposal out to more and more Christian publishers. Pray with me, please, that God will lead this thing in the direction that pleases Him most. I want to see Him glorified and women encouraged...that is my heart's intent. I'll be sure to keep you all posted. I can't thank you all enough for your incredible support and words of encouragement. I value you more than you know! I'll be back in just a few weeks.

Take good care of one another till I come back!



mary montgomery aka greatgranmary said...

I call my beloved "Geezer" "Mr. Tall dark and handsome" but I think he's trumped---only because he's so grey now. What a beautiful couple and testimony to God's grace in marriage. We will have been together 34 yrs soon, deeper in love in debt in committment.
I will be sending my own story soo as I too have some things to attend to here. God Bless.

Thandi said...

Great idea!Taking a picture together! And like you, we'llonly do it form our next anniversary-year 6!All the best.