Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Week's Thrifty Find

You know I love my thrifty finds, and I often tell my hubby if we moved away from this area, I don't think I could bear leaving my local thrift store behind! I wouldn't know how to act if I had to pay full retail price on clothing and shoes.
I paid $4 for these boots, that hardly look worn at all. I actually found them by accident. I saw another woman holding them when I passed her in the thrift store, and I said, "Wow, those are nice!" She said, "Yeah, but they're not my size. They're a six and a half. Are you a six and a half?" My eyes widened, and I said, "YES!" Now, I know that sometimes you need to get your boots a half size larger, but I was still hoping these puppies would fit. They do, and they're pretty comfortable too! I was very pleased, and they wear well with jeans and long skirts. Gotta love that!


Alana said...

Way cool, totally awesome! Those boots ROCK. A gift from God.

Muhala Akamau said...

The boots have now been 'broken in' and have proven themselves to be quite comfy! really was a great find.