Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

We are getting slammed with snow here; it's not even 4:00, and already we've shoveled three times today. I think things are beginning to slow down. It feels like two feet or more of snow. Our dog can't even find a place to squat, poor thing. The snow seems to almost envelope her!

I am beginning to make friends with my hair. So this is how things are lately. I so often cover, and I've not taken much care for those times that I don't cover. I usually feel a bit self-conscious, because I've been so cavalier about the whole hair situation. I decided to straighten a bit (no chemicals, though) to make things a bit more manageable. It helps a lot, and is much more time-saving that having to wrestle with my thick and course hair. Hubby likes it too (hubby likes the entire "look" --- hair and clothing ensemble ---you see in this photo, as he told me so later on in the day that I wore it). As far as length goes, it's pretty short, but grows fairly fast, so I'm hoping I can get it to be chin length before too long. I guess then I'll decide what I want to do with it. Short hair is sooo much easier and quicker to deal with, and I do tend to like my hair in layers. At the same time, it's frustrating when I can't get my hair into a little ponytail! Also, I've grown out my old perm and the blonde highlights. My highlights are now the gray hairs that I'm letting grow in!

These are my cherubs. Aren't they delicious? Obi is three and Bo-Bo (also lovingly known as "Sweetfat") is two. God love my mother-in-law who is a tremendous help to me when she comes into town. I can't say enough good about her, except that God has richly blessed me with her and her giving heart. God gave me a good mother who, with lots of love and hard work, raised me to womanhood. After that He blessed me with a good mother-in-law who visits often, rarely gives unsolicited advice, drops the 'in-law' and calls me her daughter --- and on top of all this, she never comes to our house empty-handed, she engages the boys, teaches them their numbers, letters and colors and buys many of their clothes. For Christmas, she bought all their clothes, cut all the tags off and put all the new clothes away, while having to move older clothes out of the way. This one task alone saved me hours of time! Okay, sure, she cooks way too much when she comes (we tell her she needs 5 more grandkids the way she cooks!), but the operative phrase here is that she cooks for this household when she visits...that alone is such a big help. It means I don't have to cook, and can spend that time doing something else.

My mom-in-law started teaching me to sew, and I've been having a good time playing with fabric during this winter season. I'm really just learning basics and experimenting, but I am looking forward to making head coverings and new tops from 'too-short' dresses and old skirts (recycling material in this way is good, since the $1 or $2 skirts, shirts and dresses I buy from our local thrift store is less than what I would pay for a yard of fabric). Since I'm unable to work in the garden, and it's too cold to open windows for any painting projects, I'm keeping myself busy teaching the boys and with household duties that always beckon (especially laundry and cleaning); I have been having a good time baking up yummy things, but I'd like a bit more margin in order to work on discovering the possibilities of fabric.

For a little while, I think I've had the curiosity (dare I say hunger?) of divine liturgy, and have wanted to experience what a liturgical service might be like. We attend a non-denominational church, but I usually observe Lent and Advent on my own. I recently met a new friend who is also a stay-at-home wife and mom, and we'd talked a little about her church. I'm familiar with the church, as another friend of mine attends there too. Maybe I can make plans to visit; until then, maybe a little research here and there. I also welcome any thoughts you might want to share.

God's grace to you, beloved of God...


Alana said...

What State/town are you in? Perhaps I can hook you up with where to find a Divine Liturgy.

I noticed on your sidebar that you have a link to Communality. I used to hang with those folks some when I was in Lexington. I was like the odd Orthodox weirdo who would visit sometimes, go to women's Bible Study, and have coffee with various people sometimes. Never part of the group, really, but a friend. I do love those Communality folks!

Rosheeda said...

You just look gorgeous! Glad to see u post. I've missed ya!

Muhala Akamau said...

Yes! I love those communality folks, too! Feels like it's in my blood or something...I don't know...I'm weird that way! Oh, and guess what? One of my friends goes to a church that does Divine Liturgy! She just came to dinner last night, and invited me to her church. She said if I come on the third Sunday when they have communion, I'd love it. I can't WAIT to go...I'm pretty excited!

Thank you! I'm feelin' self-conscious about myself these days, so your kind words mean a lot! I'd love to post more, but I'm always running after the boys or the house, or SOMEthing! I'll try to get a post up as often as I can. It's definiely a ministry to me, as well.

Momma Jo said...

Your boys are simply adorable! :)
It's nice to "see" you too!
I'm seeing more things we have in common. I'm in the stage of growing out my hair and not knowing quite what to do with it... (covering it was definitely easier!).
I hope to get a sewing machine in the next year. I had one when I was a teenager and I enjoyed it. I also LOVE to garden!

Enjoyed reading your post!

Muhala Akamau said...

I can already tell we have a ton in common. You are such a dear. It's always nice to have you visit. Oh, btw, I usually have my sound turned off on my computer, but yesterday I had it on when I visited your blog...I really like the music. It's such a calm and peaceful blog! :-)