Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playing on the Edges...

I have to admit, I've been pining a bit for hijab. The thing is, I blend in pretty naturally at my predominantly black church wearing a headwrap (think Erykah Badu in the early days). Probably no one thinks much except that maybe I didn't feel like doing my hair. At the most, they may think I'm trying to express personal style. Admittedly, this feels "safe", and was basically what I was shooting for in the beginning.

Now, I find myself wanting to become a little more distinct. I want some people to question whether or not something is "up" with me. There are times when I feel like I don't want to be pegged so easily, and that may mean transitioning into something a tad more questionable, if that makes any sense. There are still times, though, that I'm really thankful that I can "hide" behind a Badu headwrap --- no one has to know! Yet there are other times that I want folks to know I'm on a journey, and that I am, in fact, doing the headcovering thing. What if other women were to say, "Hmmm..." and later try it out themselves? What if it makes a big difference in their lives like it's made in mine? Who's to say whether or not we would shake something up??

Anyway, this is me today. I was, of course, fooling around on YouTube and found other tutorials on headcovering. This one is playing on the edges of hijab, but it's such a pretty and feminine style, I couldn't resist.

Here's the right side.

And the left.

And the back.
It was so easy, too! I folded a generous edge around the front, put it on my head and then tied it in the back, with one side longer than the other. One side I wrapped around my neck and pinned it high so that the tassels come down decoratively in the back. The other side hangs down front. I was pretty pleased.


Anonymous said...

beautiful color and style... it looks good on you... about covering... as you will be faithful on this journey people will realize that this is more than expressing personal style... and when your behaviour will follow your headcovering you will be sign from God there, in your church... some people will like that, most of them won't... but be strong in the Lord...

Muhala Akamau said...

Wise words...I need them. Thank you.

God bless you!

Rosheeda said...

That wrap is gorgeous. And it surprises me that so many black women really have issue with covering - we do it so much anyway. My first thought, when I saw the first pic of you covered was "oh what a cute wrap - that Badu thing works for her."

Standing out is not at all a bad thing. At this point, I think that as a community, believers NEED some prodding to really get serious about how we live (and whether or not we live) what we say we believe.I'd rather be 'wierd' and in right relationship than 'common' and far from God.

Muhala Akamau said...

You are finna preach up in here! Yes, weird is better, if it brings you closer to God! And one of my fellow cover sisters has a quote on her blog: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you ODD."


Thanks for the compliment about the wrap. Folks have offered a few compliments on the Badu style...it works and it's safe. But, I've been doing some experimenting and I'll probably try some different stuff. We'll see how that goes!

Unfortunately, though, my afro doesn't rock...YET!! I've still got a tad bit of perm at the ends on top...I'll give it a couple of months, and then yes...then it will rock! (hopefully!):)

Tell your father to leave you alone and let you be the beautiful woman God created you to be! :-)

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

Lovely! I understand what you're saying about wanting people to ask. I found that it doesn't matter what style I wear, unless it's "cute", I don't get asked anything. Maybe it's a "challenge", like it kinda was to me too, so they just don't say anything. Just be you, and God's girl, of course. :)

Alana said...

No one ever asks me about my covering. But then again, I'm new in town and nobody really knows me.

I love that style of wrapping. I did it the other day, but don't have the guts to pin it up on the back. My husband said he liked it in general, though, so perhaps I shall try it pinned up and brave one day.

Muhala Akamau said...

Yes, of course...God's girl!...always!

It seems that we get there piece by piece. I wore this style to church today (which means hubby was with me!)...he actually said I looked good! Wow...I was surprised. So you never know. If you pin it up, your hubby may really like it. But you go with what you feel comfy with for now. It's all a journey, I think. All the best to you!

misschatterbox said...

nice style! I sometimes wear it the same way, or If I'm feeling lazy I tie the scarf around my head and then wrap the end around my neck like a scarf (basically the same but not pinned).. a lot of my muslim friends wear styles liek that if they want to wear earrings. It's interesting for me the discussion of "ethnic" head covering.. many ethnic muslim and christian head coverers I know go for head wraps (especially somalis). and often head coverings on a black woman do not have any religious connotattions but are taken as a fashion statement. As a white woman however I don't have any such thing! haha I too am conscious of initially takign the 'safe' option.. especially around (non-religious) extended family..and am making it more obvious that head covering is just that.. a head covering, not just an expression of my hippy/gipsy chic!

Thandi said...

Ha ha.That sounds exactly like MY sentiments-wanting to be distinct!!I just look like a more traditional 'darkie'. Doesn't help that the more traditional darkies also wear long skirts!